Counting to Ten

When you need to pause and not act in haste
Counting to Ten

Were you ever told to “Count to Ten” when a situation was maybe going badly for you? How was counting to ten ever going to change the situation? You were still going to be angry or upset, the situation was going to be the same wasn’t it?

Apparently, the brain knows a full six seconds ahead of any decision or choice we are about to make however impulsively or reactively we may think we are making those decisions or choices. Raising a hand to adjust your glasses, the brain will know six seconds before you do it. Left or right? The brain will know which way you will turn. Before we even think we have made a choice or decision the brain is already sending out the signals to the rest of the body. By counting to ten, you are giving yourself a four second opt out option from maybe a disastrous decision or choice, especially one made on impulse or reactively. Counting to ten allows a pause, a re-evaluation of the situation and the opportunity for a less reactive decision or choice to be made. Either way the brain will know six seconds beforehand.

Moving Forward

Try counting to ten before making any Impulsive or reactive decisions or choices.

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